Postal Voting

Applying for a postal vote

To vote by mail, you can apply to vote by post in the 2022 State election from now until 18:00 on Wednesday, 23 November. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will send you a ballot pack by mail that you will need to post back to them. Postal voting is free.

You can apply

  • Online on the VEC Website
  • By completing a paper application to vote by post. Paper application forms are available from:
    • post offices
    • VEC head office (Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne)
    • your district election office
    • If you are outside Victoria or in an area with infrequent or unreliable mail delivery, the VEC can send you a ballot pack by email, but it will need to be returned by mail.

You will need to answer some questions and provide the following information:

  • The address where you are enrolled
  • The address where you want the election ballot papers sent
  • A security question and answer

To return a paper application form you can:

  • Post it using the reply-paid envelope attached to the form
  • Scan or take a clear photo of it and email it to
  • Drop it off at the VEC's head office at level 11, 530 Collins Street Melbourne.

If you are overseas, you can:

  1. post it back to the VEC in Melbourne; or
  2. take it or post it to your nearest overseas postal ballot drop-off location for faster return.

Voting by postal vote

You will be sent two ballot papers, a pamphlet telling you what to do, and an envelope.

You should fill out the election ballot papers in secret. You can ask someone to help you, but this person should not tell you who to vote for and must not tell anyone how you voted without your consent.

Once you have filled out the two ballot papers, put them in the envelope and seal it. Post the envelope as soon as you can. You don’t need a stamp.