Informing your vote

During a referendum, there are a lot of things said and written about how you should vote. This may be on the radio, on social media, in a newspaper, or as part of a discussion with other people.

Some of this information may be important for you to think about. But some of the information may be wrong, either accidentally or, in some cases, on purpose.

It is important to consider the information you see and hear to work out if you can trust it to help make your decision.

What to consider when viewing information:

  • Reliable: is the information from a reliable or recognised source?
  • Current: when was the information published?
  • Safe: could the information be a scam?

During referendums, the AEC website has a disinformation register which lists examples of incorrect information about the referendum process:

For more tips and support, you can download the Stop and Consider flyer which is available in multiple languages.