Postal Voting

You can vote via postal vote if you know you will be unable to vote on the day of the referendum. If you would like to become a postal voter, you will need to apply for this. This can be done online on the AEC website or by filling out a paper form. To be eligible, you need to explain why you are unable to vote on the day of the referendum. If you are approved as a postal voter, your ballot papers will be posted to your registered postal address.

Steps to vote via post

  1. Apply for a postal vote online or using a paper form. This is available closer to the date.
  2. The ballot papers will arrive at your address. You will need to fill out the ballot papers in front of a witness.
  3. Place ballot papers in the return envelope – the envelope will have a postage stamp already, so you do not need to pay to send it.
  4. Take the envelope to an Australia Post office or place it in an Australia Post box to return it to the AEC.

To find out if you are eligible to vote via postal vote, visit the AEC website:

You can also find answers to common questions about postal voting by visiting the AEC website: